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iniPax is the result of a lifetime in business management.

It brings together a set of tools that have evolved over many years, tools that have been used to guide young companies through their early days when time and money are hard to come by.

Tools that are simple and effective; tools that deliver real benefits at an affordable cost - long before the consultants and experts need to be called in ...

And a lifetime in business management has delivered many hard-earned lessons - which are also being added to iniPax as an ever-expanding suite of studies.

For many years, these tools have been used to provide private business advisory services - and the Studies have been delivered as part of University teaching programs. They are now being extended to anyone who can make use of them.

Turning private into public needs to be done carefully - and even when the transition is complete, new services and studies will be continually added.

You can access these services by registering (for free) as a Subscriber.

Barry Cooper, the person behind iniPax, has spent many years as a business adviser: senior management positions in government and as a business consultant and company director. He has a special interest in new businesses and the people who start those businesses - in Australia and developing countries.

He was one of the founding directors of a Stock Exchange which has now become the National Stock Exchange of Australia, and still Chairs the Exchange's Listing and Admissions Committee. For many years he has been providing guidance and a trading platform (theSMEboard) to private stock exchanges.

Above all, his career has been dedicated to giving growing companies the kick-start and advice they need to get through their formative years - at a price they can afford.