CooperRatings is a quick and
cost effective way of checking
competitive performance.

CooperRatings reviews show how
a business is traveling. Its reports
are based on benchmarks that
have been built up over many
years - and continue to evolve.

A business isn't expected to be
good at everything: just the
things that count - which is what
the CooperRatings benchmarks
measure. Get the important
things right first and deal with
the rest later.

CooperRatings reviews don't

They look for strengths
and point out the things that
could do with attention: things
that need to be done now - and
those that can wait ...

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More than just the
bottom line

How am I doing ... ?
How do I compare ... ?
What should I do first ... ?

Look beyond
the numbers

Do it yourself. Online.

  - at your own pace
  - privately ...

No-one looking over your shoulder.

Select whatever reports
interest you - then
come back for more when
you're ready.

Or for the big picture, start off
with one of the Snapshots.

Show reports to investors

Or if you're an investor,
run the reviews yourself ...


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Get your Feedback as

- Strengths.

- In need of attention
    short term payoff.

- In need of attention
    longer term payoff.

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