It's a jungle out there. Stuff happens.

Not just things you can insure against - and some things just can't be insured. And you might even have made a choice not to insure everything.

Some kind of expense that's plain unexpected - but you still have to deal with it. Something that you just haven't budgeted for.

But emergencies don't play by the rules. They're things you don't expect so you can't budget for them. So what to do ?

There are always places and people you can go to for help.

  • Maybe family and friends (but don't overdo it)
  • Maybe Centrelink
  • Maybe you can go to the bank if it's a money thing (especially if you've been a good saver)
  • Maybe you can extend your credit card limit (but take care with that one because it's very expensive).

Or maybe you can become your own personal insurance company and include a regular 'emergencies' item in your own budget ...