You'll always be making choices about the things you want to buy.

But there are some things that aren't really a choice:

  • you still have to eat;
  • you still have to wear clothes
  • you still need a roof over your head;
  • and someday you're sure to need medicine

Life would be pretty bad without any of these things. These are things that you really do need.

But that's not all. There are always other things to spend money on: Lego, movies. Maybe nice food, maybe nicer clothes. Maybe your Mum and Dad would like a nicer house or a nicer car.

Even though the nicer clothes won't make you any warmer - and the food just makes you fat ...

But you can see that some things you really need - but somethings you just want.

It's OK to want things, but just remember that when you're making your choices there are some things that you really must have - and some things you can really do without.