Sad but true: you can't trust everybody.

We know there are burglars and thieves who steal things. You know they're crooks so you guard against them.

But there's another kind of crook: they used to be called Con Men. They make themselves very nice so you get to trust them, and then when they've got your confidence, they borrow your money or your car, or something else of value, with a promise they'll bring it back - and then they just disappear.

These days we have the Internet. Con Men and Get-Rich schemes all over again. Be careful. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is. They're called Scams and there are lots of them. So many that there are even Scamwatch websites.

Their techniques aren't very different from the old Con Men: they get you to trust them so you give them your credit card number or your bank details - and then they're gone again.

Or you sign up for something that sounds cheap at first but turns out to be very expensive.

Be very careful.