So who wants lots of money ?

Or putting it another way: who wants to buy lots of things ?

And do you want it now, or can you wait ?

Ask these questions and you'll notice we don't all agree, that we don't all have the same answer.

Is that because some of us are right and some of us are wrong ?- Or is it because maybe we're all looking for different things? Or maybe we're all just different.

Every one of us has little voides inside us. One voice might say 'I want an ice cream'; another might say 'I want a Lego set' - and yet another might say 'I want another DVD'. And then your parents might say 'Don't be greedy: you can't have everything'.

But what they're really saying isn't really about being greedy. They're saying 'learn how to choose' ...

It costs money to buy stuff, and if you don't have enough money you have to make choices.

That's the big thing about money. Making choices. Giving up one thing to get another. Maybe even putting some of it away for later.