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  iniPax Business Services
   At the heart of iniPax is a Game with a self-contained market like no other: players maximise investment portfolios
   by trading shares, options, currencies and bonds - in a handful of companies buffeted by surprise and uncertainty.
   iniPax is the stage for a spirited and competitive trading game that has found a place in universities, schools and corporate
   team-building challenges. The Game is ideal for 20 - 30 players and is designed so that nobody needs to be an expert in
   exotic financial gizmos (read more).
   You provide a room and a WiFi and we'll come to you ... (contact).
theGame     Click for theGame (or the Demo - or the Global Challenge ... )
   Over the years, iniPax has developed online business tools that have proven useful outside the Game.
   They have proven especially useful for up-and-coming companies. Feel free to check them out ...
 Business Design  
   the Story     theStory is something you can tell your Bank - or your Directors (read more).
   the Financials     theFinancials turns Sales and Cost projections into a full set of standard financial statements (read more).
   Cash Book     Book-keeping doesn't have to be complicated. Enter payments and iniPax does the rest (read more).
 Business Analysis  
   CooperRatings     CooperRatings is a self-administered business diagnostic ... How am I doing? (read more).
   the Studies     theSchool is a suite of online business planning studies (read more).
 Business Services  
   Share     Share your idea with the world: rate, compare ... Arrange to meet (read more).
   theSMEboard     theSMEboard provides a trading platform for private sharemarkets (read more).
   Fin Lit     Financial Literacy is a suite of school-age lessons (read more).
   theOutback     theOutback is a low tech offline program designed for the back of beyond ... (read more).
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